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Real Estate Tax


2011 TAX PAYABLE IN 2012:
February 17, 2012 1st Half Taxes Due
July 13, 2012 2nd Half Taxes Due


Real Estate tax bills are generally due the third Friday in February and the second Friday in July.  Real estate tax bills are mailed out twice a year and are always a year behind.  For example, the bills due in 2012 are for the tax year 2011.  Since 1999, we have implemented many new payment options to the Allen County taxpayers.  We now accept credit cards, offer automatic debit from your checking account, and of course we still accept cash or checks.  While many residents mail their taxes we still offer personal service by having three registers open to accept payments in our office.

WATCH WHEN YOU PAY TAXES THROUGH YOUR MORTGAGE COMPANY.  Approximately 30% of Allen County taxpayers pay their taxes through their mortgage company.  This works well until their mortgage is paid-off.  If you recently paid your house off and did not receive a real estate tax bill, please call our office.  If you recently refinanced with another lender, review all the closing statements carefully.  Some lenders do not have the ability to collect tax and insurance with the payment.  When changes occur, the lender must notify us in writing.  If you should be receiving a tax bill and don't receive one in January or June, call our office immediately.

The taxpayer is ultimately responsible for taxes and can be charged penalty and interest if payment is late.

TEPP - Tax Escrow Payment Plan is Now Available

You are now able to pre-pay your taxes monthly instead of semi-annually.  You must be current to be included in TEPP.  If you are behind in your taxes see Additional Real Estate Programs.

Interested in TEPP program

Click here to receive the application for our TEPP program.

Additional Real Estate Programs

Homestead Exemption:  This exemption gives a tax discount to people over 65 years of age or totally disabled people.  For additional information on relief of your  tax burden, please contact the County Auditor's office at 419-223-8520.  Deadline for filing is the 1st Monday in June.

Board of Revision:  If you feel your property is valued too high, you may file an appeal with the Board of Revision (Ohio Revised Code Section 5715.19). You must file with the County Auditor's Office between January 1st and March 31st.

Payment Plans (aka: Contracts):  We offer payment plans for those who are delinquent in their real estate taxes.  Call our office at (419) 223-8515 for further details.  These plans are for delinquent taxes only, not for current taxes.  Therefore, IF YOU GO ON A DELINQUENT CONTRACT (PAYMENT PLAN) AND MISS ONE PAYMENT, THE CONTRACT WILL BE VOID.  IN ADDITION, YOU MAY FACE IMMEDIATE FORECLOSURE PROCEEDINGS.

How are My Taxes Calculated?

Two factors establish the amount of taxes you pay.

1st - The primary factor is the market value of your property.  The County Auditor assesses your property according to market value not historical cost. Every six years your property will be re-appraised.  The next triennial update will be 2012 and the next reappraisal will be 2015.

2nd - The second factor is the levies or additional taxes that the voters choose to pay in order to receive additional benefit or service.  The County Auditor 's web site has levy information available.  The property tax calculator will calculate tax increases when levies are passed.

How to calculate your real estate taxes?



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