Here is a plan that will save you time and money!

With AUTO PAY, you'll never have to write another check for your REAL ESTATE TAXES. With AUTO PAY, funds are withdrawn from your bank account and your taxes are paid automatically. It's easy to do and hassle-free, and you won't have to change your present banking relationship to take advantage of this service.

It's a money saver...

  • Fewer checks are used.
  • Postage costs are reduced.
  • No more late penalty because bills are paid on time.

It's reliable...

  • Payments are always correct and on time.
  • Bills are paid even when you are sick, on vacation or traveling.

How will my bill be paid?

  • Allen County Treasurer's Office will inform your financial institution of the amount due.
  • Your financial Institution will automatically deduct that amount from your account.

How will I know the amount of my bill and the date it will be deducted?

  • You will receive a tax bill indicating the amount that will be automatically deducted from your bank account as well as the date of the withdrawal.
  • The amount due will be deducted from your account on the final tax due date which is normally, the third Friday in February and the second Friday in July.

What if I have questions about the amount of my bill?

  • Contact the Allen County Treasurer's Office at 419-223-8515.

How can I discontinue my participation in AUTO PAY?

  • The agreement will remain in effect until we receive written notification from you to cancel AUTO PAY.

What if I change banks?

  • If your bank or account number should change, it is your responsibility to notify the Treasurer's Office.
  • The Treasurer's Office must receive any bank account changes prior to December 1st for the February deduction and May 1st for the July deduction.

How do I get on AUTO PAY?

AUTO PAY made available by:
Allen County Treasurer's Office
Jim Link - Treasurer
PO Box 123 Lima, OH 45802-0123
419-223-8515 (phone) 419-222-8427 (fax)

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