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Thank you, Allen County, for your overwhelming support in the last election. I just wanted to take a moment and thank my family, the voters, volunteers and everyone else who worked on my behalf to help make Allen County safer and elect me as your next sheriff.
I thank my family for their support. To my wife, Sue, and my son, Sam, I appreciate your undoubting support and love throughout this election. Even though it was tough at times, we relied on each other. Your tireless display of strength and courage is to be admired.
To the voters of this great county, I say: "Thank you." Without your vote, none of this is possible. I stayed on message and provided an accurate account of my desires and intentions as sheriff. In fact, my plan of action is already in progress. 
I always have known that political campaigns were made of the candidates and supporters. Well, this candidate wants to thank those who supported. Without your willingness to help my campaign, it never would have been successful. I am truly appreciative for all of your hard work; every effort whether big and small mattered. I look forward to being Sheriff of Allen County.

                  Sheriff  Samuel A. Crish


The Sheriff is the chief law enforcement officer of the county and custodian of the county jail. The Sheriff's responsibilities cover the entire spectrum of law enforcement--criminal investigations, air and water accidents, and enforcement of traffic and drunk driving laws. The Sheriff has concurrent authority with municipal and township police in those political subdivisions, as well as authority on state highways.

As custodian of the county jail, the Sheriff is responsible to the courts for the safekeeping of all county jail prisoners and must produce them in court for trial. The Sheriff, or one of the Sheriff's Deputies, attends all sessions of criminal trials in the Court of Common Pleas. The Sheriff must exercise judgment when ordered by the Court and sell at auction any property ordered to be sold for the satisfaction of a judgment. The Sheriff is responsible for serving all writs, summonses, and subpoenas issued by the Common Pleas Court. The Sheriff conducts all sentenced criminals to prison to serve their term in the penitentiary.



Pursuant to the new concealed carry license law, all government
buildings must post a sign prohibiting anyone from carrying a concealed
weapon onto the premises. Any private employer, business or entity that
wishes to prohibit concealed carry must also post the sign before
enforcement action can take place.

The following link is the sign format recommended by the Allen County
Sheriff's Office Concealed Carry Committee. It meets the Ohio Revised Code requirements and is available for anyone to download for their use.


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