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Specifications and Contracts

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    Important Specifications for Sewer Improvements

    4.1       No sanitary sewerage construction included under the classifications of Chapter III shall be started until after the plans have been approved by the Sanitary Engineer, the Commissioners and where necessary, the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, and authorization has been granted by the Sanitary Engineer, as herein provided.  The installation shall be in strict accordance with such approved detailed plans, specifications, and shop drawings, etc.  Construction of sanitary sewerage facilities to be operated by the County shall not proceed until detailed shop drawings have been submitted in triplicate and approved by the Sanitary Engineer.

    4.2       If any change or modification is deemed necessary or desirable by the public officials or persons, firm or corporation having charge of work, previous to or during the construction, such change or modification shall be incorporated in revised plans, which shall be submitted for approval in the same manner as required for original plans.

    4.3       Before receiving a permit for any work requiring excavation in any street, highway or road right-of-way, the person desiring to make such excavation shall obtain from the proper authority, the required permit for such work, and shall agree to comply with all requirements of the authority issuing such “road opening permit”.  If the authority having jurisdiction over a particular street or highway requires no “road opening permit”, a written statement to that effect must be obtained from the authority.

    4.5       No construction work in connection with the improvement shall be done except in the presence of an inspector authorized by the Sanitary Engineer.  Forty-eight hours of notice of the intention to begin work shall be given to the Sanitary Engineer to enable him to arrange to place one or more, if needed, inspectors on the work.  The Owner’s Engineer shall also act as Resident Engineer for the improvement.

    4.6       If the Sanitary Engineer has proof or evidence that any such work is being improperly done, he may order all work stopped and the Owner or his contractor shall thereupon stop and shall not resume until authorized in writing by the Sanitary Engineer to do so.

    4.13     In excavating and backfilling trenches, and constructing sanitary sewerage facilities, care must be taken not to move or injure any structures, and water courses, whether above, at or below the surface of the ground.  If necessary, the contractor or the sewer builder in the case of house sanitary sewer connections, shall at his own expense sling, shore up, and secure and maintain in operating condition any such structure or watercourse.  If damaged, he shall repair any such damage, and shall maintain them in good repair until the final acceptance of the job.

    4.14     Approval of the quality of all materials and workmanship by the Sanitary Engineer shall be required.  The Sanitary Engineer may require testing of equipment or materials at the place of manufacture by an independent testing laboratory or by others, at no expense to the County.

    Any existing home that needs to connect to the sanitary sewer MUST have a plumbing inspection performed by the Allen County Health Department prior to getting a sewer permit.

    Refer to the "Rules, Regulations" tab above to view the entire set of Rules, Regulations, Procedures and General Specifications.