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Sewer Billing Information


Allen County Treasurer, Rachael Gilroy
Sanitary Engineer, Stephen M. Kayatin, P.E.

Introducing a new payment option:

Credit Card

Visit the Allen County Treasurer's site at: www.allencountyohtreasurer.com
OR call 1-866-636-3868

Direct Debit from your checking/savings account for monthly or quarterly sewer bills is still available.

No more writing Checks
No more mailing payments
No charge

How it works:

We will send you a reminder each quarter stating the amount and date we will draw the payment from your checking account. Please note there is a $16.00 service fee for insufficient funds.

Monthly ACH deductions can only start at the beginning of a quarter, January, April, July, or October. The deduction will continue the first Friday of each month thereafter.

It is simple:

1. Print the monthly application (click here for application)
2. Print the quarterly application (click here for application)
3. Fill out and include a voided check
4. Mail application and voided check to:

Allen County Sanitary Engineer
Attn: Tammy Ammon
3230 N. Cole Street
Lima, OH 45801

For questions, call Tammy Ammon, Billing Accounts Clerk at:
(419) 996-4683
or send us your inquiry below.

Your name:

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