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For further information contact:
Allen County Department of Job and Family Services

1501 South Dixie Highway
PO Box 4506
Lima, Ohio

(419) 228-2621

Toll Free:
(888) 228-2120

(419) 227-2448

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Offering Opportunities for Independence

Job & Family Services

The Allen County Department of Job and Family Services serves residents of Allen County by administrating public assistance such as Cash, Food Assistance and Medicaid programs of the State and Federal government, investigating complaints of elder abuse and neglect and providing needed supportive services such as transportation and day care assistance.

Our mission is to serve the residents of Allen County utilizing the programs and dollars available to us, to help people improve their lives through family stability and self-sufficiency, and to protect and provide for those unable to meet their own needs.

Services are available to any resident of Allen County. Income and resource limitations may apply.

Non Discrimination Statement "Federal law and policies of the US Department of Agriculture prohibit the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services and the County Department of Job and Family Services from discriminating on the basis of race, color, age, national origin, disability, religion, sexual orientation or political beliefs."

Customers can apply for Cash, Food Assistance and some Medicaid programs on-line, wherever they can access the internet.
Just go to www.ODJFSBenefits.ohio.gov
The site is quick, easy and secure.

To apply for Medicaid benefits go to www.benefits.ohio.gov

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