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1000 Wardhill Avenue
PO Box 419
Lima, Ohio 45802

419 227 5531

419 222 7403


Mailing Address:
PO Box 419
Lima, OH 45802

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Allen County Juvenile Court Treatment
& Detention Center

(419) 998-5240
E-Mail Address: bcarroll@allencountyohio.com

Treatment Program

The Treatment Program of the Walter J. Roush Rehabilitation Center is a multi-faceted operation designed to help youth identify personal attitudes and correct the inappropriate behavior which led to the child's involvement with the Juvenile Court. A youth may enter treatment only by order of the Court after an adjudicatory hearing. The program is housed at 1000 Wardhill Avenue, Lima, Ohio, and provides for individual, family and group counseling. Academic instruction is provided under the supervision of the Academic Coordinator, certified teaching staff and the teacher's aides. Tutoring services are also provided to assist those students with special academic needs.

Other programmatic staff include the Director, Assistant Director of Treatment Services, three Intervention Facilitators and an Activity Leader. Working in conjunction with the Probation Department, Diversion Services and the Day Treatment Program, these staff are ultimately responsible for providing the therapeutic and academic interventions offered by the Treatment Program. Operational staff assist in maintaining the consistent daily activity structure necessary to address negative behaviors and to affirm positive ones.

The daily agenda includes school time, leisure and recreation periods, and educational programs. Special events and activities include guest speakers, field trips and special recreational events. Program guidelines ensure that youth are held accountable for their behavior while simultaneously being afforded options for earning additional privileges. Individual, family and group counseling are the primary focus of the rehabilitative process. School, employment and counseling release programs are provided for youth incorporating community vocational training, network agency counseling and preparation for re-entry to the youth's home, school system and community environment. Various outside agencies serve to enhance the Center's counseling and academic programs. Cognitive behavior modification, counseling and assessment services are provided by a licensed Clinical Psychologist on a contractual basis.

In addition to the intense counseling, the Treatment Program emphasizes medical, dental and personal hygiene issues. A physician and nurse are scheduled to perform physical assessments and to provide medical treatment as needed. This, combined with dietary plans for wholesome and nutritional meals underscores the Center's philosophy of providing a comprehensive approach to individualized treatment.

Detention Program

The Allen County Juvenile Treatment and Detention Center operates under the auspices of the Allen County Juvenile Court. The facility is part of the David O. Steiner Juvenile Services Center located on 4.1 acres in Shawnee Township at 1000 Wardhill Avenue, Lima, Ohio. The Juvenile Services Center provides sleeping facilities, indoor/outdoor recreational areas, and education facilities. Capacity rating is for 33 youth, 21 males and 12 females that reside in the one-story brick structure constructed in 1973.

The youth in the Detention Program are afforded individual and group intervention opportunities as well as other activities including arts and crafts, academic, computer classes, recreational and leisure time, and guest speakers. Visitation is provided three times a week. Church services are provided on a voluntary basis each Sunday. Medical services are afforded to the youth as needed. A physician and a nurse are scheduled throughout the week to provide medical treatment and physical screening.

A minimum of two staff members (one male and one female) work the Detention Program at all times, providing twenty-four (24) hour supervision. Center staff are trained in CPR, First Aid, intakes/releases, unarmed self-defense, non-violent physical restraint, suicide interventions, verbal de-escalation, daily activity programming, and other operational procedures. The Director, Assistant Director of Detention Services, Shift Supervisors and Academic Coordinator supervise staff. Operational staff include full-time and part-time youth leaders, cooking/custodial staff, certified teachers, teacher's aides and administrative secretarial staff.

The Center's primary objective is to provide a safe, secure and humane environment for youth, provide for their daily needs, and encourage them by example to make positive changes in their lives.

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